Many schools and recreational organizations use fundraising to support various yearly activities. The consumer is often asked to support many causes. We believe Bon Vivant Barbeque Sauces offer the consumer a quality product that they will be able to enjoy throughout the year. Our product is sold at several local boutique food stores and used at several restaurants and golf clubs. Market response has been very positive.

Fundraising Steps

Complete and submit Fundraiser Start-up Order Sheet information to Northern Cuisine via e-mail or phone. A Northern Cuisine representative will confirm your request.

All necessary forms (PDF Format) are located below to print at your leisure. Please allow one Product Sheet and Barbecue Sauce Order Sheet per participant.

Following the fundraising event, submit final order totals to us.
Please allow 2–3 weeks for delivery. We will invoice you and deliver product at your convenience.

No minimum orders!

Northern Cuisine would like to thank you for allowing us to assist with your fundraising event.


If you have any questions about the information provided, please contact Damian (204) 791-7521 or James (204) 612-7625 any time.

Fundraising Information and Forms

  • Start up Order Sheet (PDF Format)
  • Product Sheet (PDF Format)
  • BBQ Sauce Order Sheet (PDF Format)