About Us

Bon Vivant! began with the notion of producing a premium brand of sauces with their own distinct personalities — sauces unlike any other in the marketplace. The ingredients we use in our line of sauces are second to none, and we use nothing but genuine ingredients, with nary an artificial flavour in the batch. We pride ourselves on being Manitoba Made and offering you some unique sauces with the best taste anywhere.

Try our sauces and we’re confident that you’ll love them as much as we do. They go great with all meats and seafood, and don’t forget to try them with meals other than barbecues. They do wonders for stir-fries and are stellar as dipping sauces, bases for soups. You can even use the Korean Glaze as a salad dressing — get creative, and let us know about your favourites!
MFPA Logo Bon Vivant! is produced by Northern Cuisine, a member of the
Manitoba Food Processors Association.